A Low Point in Life


I first came into contact with Bodytalk in 2009 when I had reached a real low in my life. After losing my son and running myself into the ground looking after two businesses and everyone else, I had forgotten about me.


Bodytalk helped my emotional state and my own self worth and from then on I have embraced the modality and furthered my own knowledge base into the realm of this amazing concept of the whole body mind complex of healing.


Jacquie (McIntyre) has been my mentor and guide through this process and I look forward to each session I have with her to see what comes up in the agenda my body reveals. I love the ability to have access to remote healing whenever I feel I need it and wherever I may be.


My body is the healthiest, it has been since I was young and carefree and my mind is now more centred and purposeful. I can’t imagine my life without Bodytalk.