What is BodyTalk?

Healthcare designed by your body, for your body...

BodyTalk is WholeHealthcare, which means addressing the whole-person and whole-story, using the entire context of their life to improve their health.  BodyTalk is healthcare that understands the profound influence of the psychology of the body and the influence it has on our health.  Rather than focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, emotional and environmental factors.

Communicating with the Whole-person

Health challenges often arise for a variety of reasons. When a practitioner is trained to look at the whole-person - emotional, physical & environmental influences - the true underlying causes of dis-ease can be revealed.

Synchronising with the Whole-story

Every choice and every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Each scar, laugh line and injury has a unique story and a history. WholeHealthcare (BodyTalk) takes into consideration the whole-story. Your lifestyle, genetics and history are all drawn upon to establish a personalised approach that brings about lasting changes.

Integrating with the Whole-spectrum

Each system of healthcare and each practitioner has a unique knowledge and skill set.  WholeHealthcare is designed to integrate all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to healing.

What Can BodyTalk Help With?

The below experiences and symptoms are just a microscopic overview of what BodyTalk can address for you and or your animal companions;


  • Headaches, migraines, neck and back pain

  • Poor posture and coordination

  • Joint pain and stiffness

  • Injuries from trauma and sports

  • Chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections

  • Learning disabilities and dyslexia, behavioural problems

  • Allergies to foods and other substances

  • Abdominal pain and dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, hiatus hernia, constipation

  • Hormonal and reproductive disorders, period pain and PMS

  • Abnormal blood sugar levels, insulin resistance

  • Heavy metal and chemical toxicity

  • TMJ dysfunction

  • Eating disorders

  • Fears, phobias and deep-seated emotional trauma

  • Cell damage due to vaccines, antibiotics, alcohol, drugs, poisons

  • Chronic ill health

  • Respiratory and circulatory malfunction

  • Lymphatic disorders

  • Pre and post surgery support

  • Performance in school, exams, interviews and sporting events

  • Fertility, pregnancy and birth

  • Family issues

  • Performance for athletes, sports persons

  • Work and career orientation

  • Personal spiritual journey

Why is BodyTalk Unique?

BodyTalk works on a quantum level. This means changes are fundamental - addressing causes rather than symptoms and, are therefore lasting.


Your body will set the priorities that are needed to be addressed at each treatment, ensuring you enjoy a truly individual session every time.  Priorities may arise that seem to have little to do with the symptoms.  Every bodymind is different and every client receives the session they need at that exact moment in time.


There are no medicines or manipulations.  The body is capable of healing at all levels and we engage the body's communication to bring about improved health.

A New Perspective

One of the major areas addressed by The BodyTalk System is the

realm of personal and spiritual growth. Balancing the body

biochemically, physiologically, and emotionally, while addressing

specific beliefs and attitudes, the BodyTalk System is a very powerful

tool in the field of personal development.


Practitioners and clients alike can experience changes in the way they relate to others, as well as the relationships they have with friends and family. Many individuals find new jobs or improvements within the work they are currently doing and also find an increase in the overall wellness and real happiness they experience on a daily basis. The personal development experienced through BodyTalk can affect an individual on all levels, in all ways.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about BodyTalk, our practitioners would be happy to talk with you.

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How Does It Work?

Combining the most up-to-date research into anatomy, physiology and body chemistry, the wisdom and knowledge of modern physics and ancient philosophy, principles of consciousness, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the principles of osteopathy and chiropractic and then utilising structured intuition.


Structured Intuition is the spontaneous application of knowledge and experience to provide understanding and insight.  BodyTalk uses intuition in a similar way to an experienced mechanic who can diagnose a car simply by listening to it.  The difference is a BodyTalk Practitioner is trained to listen to the body with Structured Intuition,

which is a combination of information (left brain) and intuition (right brain).


The BodyTalk System recognises that balance is our natural state.  Our bodies have complex and powerful healing systems that are continually balancing to maintain life and health.  A BodyTalk treatment will stimulate your innate healing ability, which then powerfully activates your body to heal at a deep and lasting level.


The BodyTalk System provides the practitioner with protocols to be able to assess all the systems of the body.   Once an imbalance or mis-communication is located, light tapping on the head and then on the heart is carried out. 


The computer can be be seen as a metaphor for how our brain and heart function.  Our brain, like the processor of a computer, processes information and our heart, like a hard drive, stores the information. This is why tapping, to involve the head brain, heart brain and gut brain is so crucial.  During a session, as breakdowns in communication are brought into awareness, tapping on the brain and heart ensures the changes are made and stored.