BodyTalk Access for Animals





This course is so well structured and easy to understand. Jacquie (McIntyre) ensured all students left the class with a clear understanding of the concepts and left no student behind.


I believe coming back to monitor is to strengthen our concepts and refresh.


A.H- Singapore, June 2016

This course opened my eyes to the amazing things BodyTalk can do.


W.S- Singapore, June 2016

Students were asked...What did you like most about this course?


I found out that the ability with enough training, virtually anyone can perform these healing techniques!


A.N- Singapore, June 2016



I love that it is non-invasive and I can use the techniques anytime I feel like it and that we need. 

J.T- Singapore, June 2016



I nejoyed observing my own bodies response with the techniques, the method is easy and has great results!

S- Singapore, June 2016