I had lost myself


"BodyTalk is out of this world" I'm a mother, wife and business partner. I'd simply lost myself. I'd tried many different natural alternatives to try and help me cope, and find the answer and freedom I'd been lloking for.


BodyTalk was the answer to my prayers. BodyTalk has helped me so much...mentally, emotionally and physically. The differnce in me is amazing!. I feel it and I can now start to see it. I feel like I've rediscovered the old "true me". I can't explain how good that is.

BodyTalk has helped me see and feel "the light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak.


Jacquie McIntyre is the best, she has inspired me greatly!

Her sessions are fantastic. I get so much from them. She says it's my body doing the talking. But she hits the nail on the head every session. I feel i'm so alive and motivated now.


I truly recommend BodyTalk to anyone, you'll never look back.


Tammy Corbet