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Christopher Brouwer


CBP- Certified BodyTalk Practitioner



~ Love Be the Judge ~


Do you ever thirst for meaning? 

I know I do... 

Ever content, 

Yet yearning for more, 

Life is certainly complicated, 

Yet Simple and Raw, 




Am I Serious?   

Let our Heart be the Judge, 

As Never Before,

As Standing ever so still,

We Open Our Door.   



Ahh a bit about Me then:

I have formally studied Nanotechnology, nearly every kind of Biology, Nursing and Teaching and now Holistic Psychotherapy in pursuit of the Art of good Communication. I have worked as a Science communicator, Child Care worker, Surf Coach, Swimming Coach, Kayaking Coach, Snorkel Coach, High School Teacher and Psychotherapist all with a view to putting this Art form into practice. 


I once heard it said that Art might not make one a living, but it makes life worth living. Whilst many an Artist these days defies the beginning of this statement through their incredible success, something about the second half continues to speak to me. For this reason (and many more) I have chosen to work predominantly with Artists through my own art of 'Creative Conversation': Namely Psychotherapy and BodyTalk. I feel both of the services I offer bring health and awareness into our life via a form of creative conversation re-invigoration through de-fragmentation. Or in plainer terms - Help us put ourselves back together after we're done picking ourselves apart. My latest definition of Health is simply feeling Whole or at one with Life.


In all my travels I've never seen anything quite as unbelievable and yet incredibly practical as BodyTalk. Strange enough it was travelling to the other side of the world where I discovered BodyTalk, trained with some incredible practitioners, and proceeded to bounce around Australia in pursuit of all the amazing Local and visiting Instructors collecting pearls of wisdom. If you want meaningful change in your life with minimal fuss, then I can highly recommend BodyTalk as a catalyst for that change. If my style is not for you I can happily recommend another practitioner perhaps more suitable. Please feel free to connect with me and discuss your interest anytime via the details provided here. 

I look forward to meeting you,

Who ever you are! 

All the Best. 



Christopher Brouwer