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Regina Bonassi



Personal Trainer

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Hello and Thank You so much for stopping by!

My name is Regina Bonassi and I absolutely LOVE and ADORE The BodyTalk System.

Having been a Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation, Movement and Lifestyle Coach for 17 years, I found myself completely floored by pneumonia and then diagnosed with fibromyalgia on my 40th birthday!  With my life as I knew it turned on its head, I began the quest to change my life and a list of belief systems that bound me, ever so tightly, to my way of existing!

Fast forward 12 years .... and I am so grateful to have arrived at a space that embraces and nurtures my new way of being!

I initially came across BodyTalk after reading an article that resonated so deeply within me, that I was compelled to find out more about its author! When I reviewed the author I noticed she was a BodyTalk Practitioner, I became curious and found myself delving into everything I could find on The BodyTalk System.

The intellect, sophistication and powerful techniques of The BodyTalk System have given me so many beautiful gifts, the best one being a taste of life without the residual symptoms of Fibromyalgia and the clearing of a set of Beliefs that were my driving force .... my way of existing for sooooo many years!

So, I find myself here .... a dedicated BodyTalk Practitioner with beautiful Clients who also LOVE and ADORE BodyTalk.

I feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to share The BodyTalk System, 'Whole Healthcare' with YOU!

I look forward to chatting and meeting with you very soon!