Course overview

Australia is blessed to have a wide range of courses available throughout our country.  Some courses are offered with our Australian based instructors, whilst some are offered to the general public and IBA members with our fellow international instructors when they visit.  More and more courses are now offered via livestream making the virtual classroom interactive and accessible.


Many courses require no pre-requisites at all, such as Access for People and Access for Animals, Fundamentals and Mindscape.


Feel free to discover more by clicking on the title of each video to take you to the course overview located on the International BodyTalk Association site.



John Veltheim, the founder of the BodyTalk System, provides a preamble for Cortices (Part One) below, outlining the benefits of BodyTalk.

Cortices (Part Two) shows John Veltheim demonstrating the technique, explaining the effects of the technique on the bodymind.