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Diane Payne





In my time I have been a graphic designer, a teacher and a yoga instructor.
After struggling with infertility for seven years I found help beyond traditional medical processes, exploring varied modalities. Now I have two young adult children and a keen interest in natural therapies. What felt at the time like the biggest disaster in my life ultimately presented me with the biggest gifts. I found new, lifelong ways of being and seeing life.

Through the practice of yoga I have developed enormous respect for the body's ability to heal itself. I furthered my healing abilities through Experiential Astrology with Daniel Sowelu (some of you will know him through his column in Nova Magazine). And later with the beautiful Fran Wills working as an Intuitive Counsellor doing readings at her Healing Sanctuary in Duncraig W.A.

When I first experienced Bodytalk, I knew that I had found a modality with so much integrity that I had to become a practitioner. Initially I had Bodytalk to help with panic attacks regarding impending dental work. After a few sessions I felt that I could face the work and make clear decisions without the bad memories of past experiences. It felt like I was making decisions for my best friend. And I was!

I absolutely trust the natural ability of the body to heal itself on all levels - body, mind, heart and soul.  The conscious mind can so easily cloud, distort, justify and lead us astray. The body, if we know how to listen to it, never will. In my work, I feel I am the torch illuminating the body's innate wisdom to gain clarity wherever love and attention is needed. Healing is such a dynamic process and the body is never static. Every cell in our body is in a state of constant communication and renewal. You are not the person you were a year ago or indeed three months ago. The opportunity to heal is available to every body. Helping my clients tap into their own power and healing is a constant source of joy for me.