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Elaine Nivison




Registered Nurse


Child Health

Reiki Practitioner



Elaine Nivison’s childhood desire to be helpful developed into a lifelong commitment to serving others. For over 40 years, she has been delivering services to mothers, babies and families as a nurse and midwife.


Her first encounter with BodyTalk was in early 2000. She was intrigued to hear that the body is capable of giving the answers and is still fascinated by that premise.


Elaine’s significant physical response and that of her family members after those first BodyTalk sessions were the catalyst for her to explore ways to incorporate BodyTalk in her service to others. She saw BodyTalk as an exciting, simple, gentle and effective tool in helping individuals improve

physical and emotional health.


She has been building on her BodyTalk knowledge and practice over a considerable period of time. This coupled with her significant years of work in the Maternal and Child Health sectors, allows Elaine to bring together tools such as the BodyTalk System and the SleepTalk for Children process along with support for Parents in the practical realities of parenting: sleepless nights, feeding or behaviour issues.


She is able to assist parents to become more proactive and confident in

their roles, as well to help build emotional resilience and self-esteem in their baby and young children.


Elaine gains deep satisfaction in assisting families to achieve enhanced health and well-being. The techniques that her clients learn can be used at home for themselves, their families and even their pets. Her certification as a SleepTalk Facilitator, were active choices of advanced study to be able to help people become empowered and literally, take their health into their own hands.


Elaine’s continuing passion is to be the bridge between medical and complementary health care systems. Her understanding and practical knowledge of both schools of thought allows her to give comprehensive support to her clients on their journey to an improved quality of life.