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Josie Coco



Certified BodyTalk Practitioner


Josie regards herself as a life-long explorer and learner. She brings this curiosity to her study and her BodyTalk Practice.


Her adult working life has encompassed many different fields; she has been a nurse and a midwife, delivered services in financial management and operated a childcare franchise.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and practical good sense to her Practice, combined with an essential foundation of nurturing and care.  


Josie first encountered BodyTalk in 2010. She resonated with it immediately and began her exploration of what The BodyTalk System has to offer. She was looking for a modality that incorporated the leading edge sciences, and The BodyTalk System fitted her criteria.


Josie was very encouraged to see the intersection of the BodyTalk System and the new knowledge offered in Quantum Physics and Epigenetics.  She sees this as vital to improving and expanding health care into the future.  BodyTalk appeared to be the perfect answer for Josie’s search and it remains so to this day. 


One of the highlights for Josie was the academic rigour of the principles behind The BodyTalk System.  The science of BodyTalk was rewarding to her intellectual curiosity.  She perceives that the new sciences are the bridge that will bring spirituality and science together.  The challenge of keeping a mind-set open to new information is one she meets with gusto.


By embracing the vibrational nature of our being-ness as described by physics, Josie approaches her client care with a ‘let’s get on with it and see what happens’ practicality. She is passionate about learning and an adventurer exploring beyond the edges to absorb new ideas and concepts. The merger of ancient wisdom and leading edge sciences informs her work as a Practitioner and Health and Well-being Mentor for her clients.


Josie loves to spend time in the bush and near the sea. She uses these visits to recharge her own energies and ‘feel good’ vibrations.


Josie’s purpose is to relieve suffering. She does this by supporting and inspiring clients in their self-healing journey; connecting them to the story their body is telling them and providing insights and support with the tools of The BodyTalk System when they experiences blocks and need help along the way.


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