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Kym Haynes





Massage Therapist


Kym Haynes has been a pioneer in many ventures as a Body Talk Practitioner and Instructor.


Over a period of 25 years, she has undertaken study in a range of natural therapy disciplines and has gained valuable knowledge to hone the unique set of skills she offers as your Body Talk Practitioner.


Her first encounter with Body Talk, in 1999, left a lasting impression with Kym. She was amazed by the difference felt by clients who had presented with a wide range of symptoms, after their session with a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.


Kym established the first natural therapies clinic in the Redlands area of south-east Queensland 15 years ago. This one-stop shop for natural health care offered a multi-modality range of services for the first time in the region.


Kym’s love of travel allows her to take her work and teaching to far-flung places stretching from Tasmania to Bangkok.


She takes particular joy in the moments when her clients experience their own ‘WOW’ moments in Body Talk sessions.


Kym is deeply committed to making a contribution to families, their lives and their health.


She has built on that commitment by co-creating a unique and successful recovery program for Individuals and families called ‘iRecoverME’.  

In 2015, Kym formed a partnership with a Counsellor to deliver the 9 week program for Addiction/Co-dependency, Depression and Anxiety, PTSD, Bullying and Domestic Violence.


Kym positions herself and her services firmly at the centre of the community in which she lives and works. Her personal and professional fulfillment is based on giving back to that community and enhancing the opportunities for health and well-being for all her clients.


The guiding principle for this experienced and dedicated Body Talk Practitioner is: ‘Let me help you to recover yourself’.