Hervey Bay, QLD


Mobile: 0458 928 510


Leanne Prizeman

BodyTalk Student

Animal access



Colour and Light Pathways

Spiritually guided healing




Leanne is an energy balancing practitioner as she has combined all of her modalities to work together to bring the best outcome for each person as an individual.   Her journey has her on many paths since she was first initiated into Reiki.  Bodytalk is a strong foundation to work with and can open the doors to many possibilities.  Leanne has meet some amazing people along her journey to self-discovery and made many friends along the way.


Leanne enjoys creating spiritual images through her pastel art drawings, walking in nature and the social interaction with others in the community. She is also a member of Speak-Easy Toastmasters which has helped me gain good communication skills and self-confidence.