Lichen Sclerosis and HPV


Marilynne Cahn has been a great help to me with various health issues – some very much stress- related due to a very difficult childhood and consequences of same.


My stress-related gut issues have improved considerably and are more manageable. My allergies have lessened. My mental state (depression and anxiety) has also improved but still some way to go.


I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus – genital warts courtesy of my first husband) about 18 months ago and my gynecologist discovered a pre-cancerous lesion– quite common with these conditions.


The lesion was removed and when followed-up some months later was found to have resolved itself due to my “superior and efficient immune system”! My gynecologist was very pleased and surprised by this result. He said “whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it”. Well, “it” was BodyTalk!! Thanks Marilynne.


My sessions with Marilynne have a very calming effect on me and I totally trust her. I would recommend Marilynne and BodyTalk to anyone who is seeking answers to health problems that conventional medicine has failed to properly address. Marilynne thoroughly explained BodyTalk principles and I was very impressed with her level of knowledge – anatomically and mentally. I have finally gained an understanding of many of my health issues and look forward to my top-up sessions with Marilynne.