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Lina Scott




My Journey to BodyTalk


Hi my name is Lina Scott I am a Certified Bodytalk Practioner. My business is Apollo Wellbeing. Apollo in Greek Mythology was the son of Zeus and Leto and twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was known as God of Healing and Medicine. My Passion is to help people take charge of their Health and Wellbeing.


I came to study BodyTalk as a means to help heal my family. I had my son and daughter who were in need of an operation, they were 18 months and 4 years old at the time. As they were being wheeled into theatre, I remember feeling the guilt as the tears ran down my face. I thought I could have prevented this situation. Instead I relied totally on what the Doctors had told me. Don't get me wrong Doctors have their place they have saved millions of lives, however as a mum I thought I didnt even try to see if there was an alternative. 


So I was now open to Alternative Therapies. Along came Bodytalk, my dear friend Amanda asked me to be one of her case studies as she was preparing to sit the BodyTalk exam. I fell in love with BodyTalk instantly and knew I had to learn this amazing modality.


The rest as they would say is history. I am now a practitioner in Winthrop, Perth, WA assisting clients and watching with Anticipation and Joy as the changes are made in that persons physical body, mind or spirit. Another 'BodyTalker' Brenda once said to me "BodyTalk can change people's lives", it has most certainly done for me. It has opened up a whole new world full of "amazing possibilities". As the saying goes, " the proof is in the pudding”, I have definitely seen amazing results.


As an example my husband suffered from severe migraines he would need to lay down and was not be seen till following morning. After only a few BodyTalk sessions his migraines have become mild, and they are now few and far between. I now have the proof, BodyTalk does really work.


Lina Scott