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Lynette Favell’s first encounter with BodyTalk was in 1999 and her passion for it has continued from strength to strength since then.


From a young age, she has had a thirst for knowledge and has always enjoyed a keen engagement with people.


Lynette originally trained as a nurse with advanced certificates including Cardio Thoracic.  She has used this formal study as a platform for further exploration in many other complementary health therapies.


Her first encounter with BodyTalk reinforced her ambition for investigation into deeper meaning in her own life keeping pace with learning more about BodyTalk.  It has been an enduring love affair with the discipline for over 20 years. 


When confronted with her own health challenges, Lynette went beyond the traditional sources of medical knowledge and sought answers from all available aspects of health care.  Her experience with BodyTalk as a practice was unique and resonated on a deeper level in her own life. Her connection was formed with a dynamic centre of innate wisdom that was life challenging and life changing.   


Lynette’s particular passion lies in teaching and has often found herself in a mentoring role during her service as a nurse.  She maintains a strong interest in expanding her knowledge and continues to study throughout her adult life.  She loved teaching in nursing and is continuing that dedication in educating new BodyTalk practitioners.  Those nursing roots are also the platform for Lynette’s current development work evolving BodyTalk into a program empowering carers in the community to look after themselves and those they are for.


As her client, she shares with you the joy that is integral to her BodyTalk practice. She wants you to experience the transformational aspect of a BodyTalk session that is not just limited to health concerns.


Take the time for yourself, spend it being nurtured in the relaxed atmosphere she has built for her clients.  She seeks to empower you to reconnect with your body.  


For Lynette: ‘ BodyTalk is exciting and dynamic – I want to share with you what has profoundly touched my life.’