13 The Quarterdeck
Noosa Heads , QLD 4567


Mobile: +61 0410 312 755


Marilynne Cahn


PaRama CBP

Reiki Practitioner


Marilynne lived in the UK for 38 years where she trained as a BodyTalk practitioner – becoming a CBP in 2005. She was introduced to BodyTalk by a family friend and decided to give it a try for long-term food allergies - after three sessions the allergies were no longer!  Marilynne realized that this was a significant and special health care system and made the life changing decision to study BodyTalk whilst running her hectic corporate art business. 


Working from her home in Noosa Heads and currently secretary of the Australian BodyTalk Association.  Clients have benefited from BodyTalk in many ways, addressing such issues as pregnancy, menstrual problems, cancer, work stress, money issues, confidence, performance, sports injuries, team performance, digestive problems, emotional upheavals, food allergies and much more.


'BodyTalk is about the health of the body, mind and spirit – the results are sometimes extra-ordinary, sometimes subtle. The approach is unique and will change the way you perceive your health  - and dis-ease.  It has greatly enhanced my life and given me a clearer understanding of what it is to be in touch with being human ............and just being.  It can be a powerful and empowering journey'. 



I look forward to welcoming you into my clinic.





- BodyTalk Fundamentals

- Principles of Consciousness

- Bio Dynamics

- BodyEcology

- Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A&P

- Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers

- Macrocosmic BodyMind

- Matrix Dynamics

- PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1

- Finding Health: Mapping The Healing Process

- Orthopaedic BodyTalk Evaluation

- Structural Integration Concepts

- Breakthrough 1 & Breakthrough 1 Practical

- Mindscape and Advanced Mindscape

- BodyTalk Access

- BodyTalk Access for Animals

- BodyTalk for Animals

- Anatomy & Physiology