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Melia Brent-White




Equine Bodyworker EEBW

Photonic Therapy ERLT



I absolutely love BodyTalk and where it has taken me on my own health and life journey. The BodyTalk system was introduced to me in 2012 whilst I was trying to unravel some of my own health issues, and I had such success that I decided to study this amazing technique.


As a child I have always been passionate about finding out how things work, the natural world and order of things, anatomy and wellbeing. Life took me on another journey for a while, but I am so pleased to be where I am at now. My former life involved a career in Applied Science (Winemaking) in Australia and Europe, a super yacht hostess and cook, a chalet host, hospitality work, an art sales person, warehousing and a taxi driver. I feel that I have experienced a broad spectrum of the human experience, the Yin and the Yang, which has resulted in a deep compassion for myself and others as we journey through life. My childhood passions are now my life work, which is an amazing journey I wish everyone to experience.


I am working towards being an Advanced Practitioner, and have taken all of the Life Sciences courses.  I simply love the work that I do, and am in constant wonder of the subtle or profound changes I observe within myself and my clients. I also have a very strong connection to the natural world, nature spirits and animal spirits. Everything is talking to us all the time really, whether it is a body, the environment or an animal friend.


I practice from my space in the Dunsborough and Margaret River townships of Western Australia where I work with people.  Sessions are available for people, animals and also working on the relationship between people and their animals, specialising in horses. I am also an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Equine Bodyworker and Equine Red Light Therapist.


My herd of 6 magnificent horses are also available for BodyTalk sessions held in their presence, out in nature and in the environment. They love to share their wisdom and hold space for us to truly become ourselves.