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Naedene Ackfield-Sorensen



Dip Remedial Massage



Naedene has been a Remedial Massage Therapist for twelve years and is passionate about her work. In 2013 she came across BodyTalk at a natural therapies expo and knew she had found the next level of development for herself and in healthcare that she had been searching for. Naedene has always used her intuition to sense where massage specifically needed to be directed with a client.  BodyTalk is a modality that utilises her natural awareness and sensitivity, taking her sessions to a greater and all encompassing level.


In 2015, Naedene completed BodyTalk Access, realising this was something she could use everyday to help her own body and her family members to function more healthily - without drugs, massage or chiropractic. She completed her training in 2015 and became a practitioner in 2016. BodyTalk, in her words has helped her to grow into her true self.


Naedene feels that BodyTalk has helped her to become a better mum whilst also improving her relationship with herself and her family. Her mission now is to pass on her knowledge by helping clients feel the ripples of positive change accessed by listening and connecting to their bodies and to break down the barriers that are not serving them in realizing their true path.