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Scott Bradford



Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Treasurer Australian BodyTalk Association Inc


My name is Scott Bradford. I recently passed my exams to become a certified Body Talk Practitioner with Lynette Favell in Cleveland, Queensland.


Here’s a little bit about me and how I discovered Body Talk. I have been involved in health care all of my adult life. I completed a Degree in Human Movement Studies after school and worked in the fitness and rehabilitation fields for a few years. I then joined the Queensland Ambulance Service as a paramedic, where I have remained for the past 20 years.


After several years of searching for a more holistic approach to health care that actually gets to the root cause of the problem, I stumbled across Body Talk whilst transporting a patient between hospitals in the back of an ambulance. That encounter set off a chain of events.


Countless hours of watching John Veltheim on the internet, led me to have a session myself to see what this was all about. I booked in with Toni McIntyre and was blown away by where the session went. From hereditary influences to past relationships and environmental factors and how did she know about the barriers I had put up? I didn’t even really know!


I left that session feeling amazing and knew that Body Talk was what I’d been looking for.


Access soon followed in August 2015 with Kym Haynes and then Fundamentals with Lynette in October and her on going mentorship since. (Thanks Lyn)


I am continually amazed by the Body Talk system and the benefits my family and friends have experienced physically, emotionally and within their environment - be it work, home or social.


I love that Body Talk is truly holistic; that we do not diagnose - rather respect Innate Wisdom; that Body Talk is non-invasive, prescribes nothing and gives no prognosis - rather, it allows the body to heal itself in its own time.


I just listen (to Innate) and tap out what I hear!