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Sonia McIntosh




I am a mother of three men who are now all married, but my journey began when my three boys were all very young and I was very busy trying to provide for them a healthy natural lifestyle.


Super Nutrition, sun exposure, organic food and no doctors was my theory.  As a result I was always searching and looking for better ways to improve our health.  


I always believed the emotional side played a big part in our overall health but I never knew how big a part it played.


It was at a family holiday in Bali while I was having lunch at a little health shop called Zula that I picked up one of John Veltheim's books on the theory and techniques of BodyTalk. I couldn't put it down and started practicing on everyone I could, just by following the basic instructions.  


I really did not have a clue how deep and how energy worked but on some level I knew it to be the piece of the puzzle I was missing!  


When I returned home it was my son who had the first session following up with an Access course. When he came back and shared his newly acquired knowledge with me I made a decision to also start doing the courses and eventually set up a practice.


And so my first Fundamentals was with Wilma Grobbelaar in Perth…from that course forward I started my journey and have been building up a clientele.  I believe BodyTalk is a wonderful therapy as it is so accurate, so safe and anyone can learn it.  It is not the only tool for health and well being but if you are well balanced then the diet, exercise and daily routines will come naturally.


Sonia McIntosh