"The Visitors Message"


The day I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, just a few days before Christmas 2015 was a day to remember - for many reasons mostly positive, because on this day I found my inner intuitive and stronger self. I left the GP's surgery feeling a cocoon instantly surrounding me.


I wanted to just go about my day as normally as possible. I had to buy works secret Santa and to renew my drivers license. When asked how many years I wanted …it was obvious I was going for the maximum of five! But, at my deepest level, worry was bubbling and all the 'what ifs' surfaced quickly. Fortunately my wonderful family and close friends supported me so much in the way they knew how but it was a Body Talk experience that was most profoundly amazing.


On the day of surgery I drew a Mandala, a heart holding the initials of my loved ones, my son, my partner and my ex husband. And I was soon to receive distance BodyTalk. I got myself comfortable and lay on the sofa. I messaged Marilynne "Ready to receive" - and most sincerely this is what followed.


I became quite teary. Then a weighted feeling moved down to my throat I became very aware of my swollen thyroid. Then a heavy feeling moved to my chest, followed by a very strong sensation of "something" moving down and leaving my body. And this part I find quite amazing. I became bathed in warm golden light.


I relayed this message to Marilynne (who had someone/ visitor/with her at the time and would be in touch after surgery – humorous moment!). I felt at ease before the surgery for I felt the angels were with me. Or my Mum...Someone.


After waiting one week for the results - a tough time, the news came to me as much of a blow as the diagnosis itself...."There was no cancer". Was it ever a cancer? Who knows? But what I do know for certain is the immensely positive power of my belief system and BodyTalk healing in synchronization.


And that is one session I will NEVER forget!


Sally Barling - Artist