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Wilma Grobbelaar


Adv Certified BodyTalk Instructor

Certified BodyTalk Instructor

BodyTalk Access Trainer

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner

Registered Nurse

Registered Midwife








Wilma Grobbelaar practices as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner (AdvCBP), PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner (PaBP) and Advanced BodyTalk Instructor (AdvCBI).

Wilma started her newly found fulltime career in the Natural Health field by registering for her first BodyTalk course in March 2003. Since then she has done all the courses and continues to study to enable her to offer the public an opportunity to take responsibility for their health and to become part of the healing process.


Wilma's personal experiences and those of her clients convinced her that the BodyTalk System is the ultimate natural modality within the ambit of the healing arts for practitioner and client. She has observed within herself and many of her clients,different stages of the transformation process due to subtle yet comprehensive shifts that are experienced.


Wilma's comprehensive Nursing career in the field of general, midwifery, operating theatre, cancer, community health, administration and education adds to her wealth of knowlege and skills that complements her approach to her clients and her sessions.


Wilma's special interest in the health and education needs of children has led her in the persual of BodyTalk as a career. Wilma has a large child client base.

Growing up on a farm instilled the love of animals. Needless to say she also has a large animal clientiele.


Teaching various BodyTalk courses allows for the fullfillment of Wilma's passion to teach and develop people to practice this system in South Africa and abroad.  


Wilma may be contacted for talks and the offering of courses. 

Health and lifestyle coaching is another services Wilma offers to help people meet their challenges living in a modern society.