Withdrawn from Life


According to the stepmother of a nine year old girl: "After (her) first BodyTalk Session, we noticed almost immediately the improved connectedness she experienced with us.


She responded better to touch - wasn't being so defensive about hugs or kind gestures of of touch - and she actually reached out for the first time to me (after three years) to touch my hand the next evening while we were sitting on the counch watching Tv.


She often smiles at me.....(and) has walked up and hugged me out of the blue! She didn;t do any of these before.....Both her Dad and I have noticed improvement in her comprehension when she is listening, and she pay's more attention.


She immediately showed dramatic improvement in reading skills and comprehension over the enxt few weeks in school. Her tecaher noticed it as well. She also is showing an ability to sit patiently longer while she is problem-solving.


I noticed over the next few weeks that she also was feeling much more connected to her mother. She has had many challanges in this area all during her childhood, facing many issues of needing that mother-child bond...


She has had two BodyTalk sessions so far, but the results have been quiet dramatic. There has been great improvement and a huge benifit for me to experience! Thank you"